SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and it’s the first thing you check on your sunscreen.

However, 80% of people don’t know what SPF numbers actually mean.

Do you? Let’s see!

If you think an SPF 50 is better than an SPF 30, think again! Opting for a bigger number to reach greater levels of protection is a very common misconception. The SPF number indicates how much your skin needs to get sunburned after the application of sunscreen compared to not applying sunscreen at all.

For example, if you can spend 1 minute in the sun without getting burned, a sunscreen with SPF 30 will multiply this "self-protection time" by 30 to equal 30 minutes after the application of your sunscreen.

On top of that, you always need to take your skin type into consideration. The more sensitive the skin, the higher the SPF recommended.

There, now you know! For more myth busting info, take the quiz.