Are you ready to live your summer to the full? Carroten is here, to dive with you in the best time of the year, protected, radiant and bright. You have to simply select your favorite from the new Carroten range, combine it with the Carroten products you already love ... and enjoy summertime!
This year Carroten takes another step towards complete protection and care with new unique formulations and innovations!
The new launch you will love goes by the name Carroten AQUAVELVET. The advanced skin care meets the suncare technology, creating a unique experience of protection, care, freshness and velvet touch. Enriched with the dual innovative Moisture Balance System: Hyaluronic Acid + Betaine, combined with the 3ple enhanced Carroten protection system (UVB+UVA+IR), is the ultimate choice for a summer full of freshness, joy, and carefreeness!
Carroten Mat Look face protection, breaks the ground once again, creating something unique in that category! Enriched with the innovative technology, IR PROTECTION + (UVB+LONG UVA) for broad protection, is the ideal choice for all skin types!
For those who love to tan, the family of Carroten Summer Dreams is getting bigger, renewed with one more choice. Two available intensive tanning oils SPF0 in spray and lotion and one intensive tanning oil SPF6, always with the dreamy scent of exotic coconut!
You must not miss the renewed Carroten facial water, which is captured from natural springs of southern France, ensuring that all its beneficial properties are preserved. Naturally cool, naturally fresh!
Your sunscreen is Carroten. Live your summer!

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